By ariana farahani

Plant Press: Beverages Curated by Nutritionists to Better Your Health

Now that our beverages are finally available to enjoy, we thought it’s probably a good time to share with you what Plant Press is all about.

What makes us different? Our drinks don’t just taste good, but are good for you too.

For starters, we’re called Plant Press for a reason. Actually, two reasons; one because we use only clean ingredients made by nature, and two, because for every case sold online, we plant a tree with One Tree Planted!

What You Won’t Find in Plant Press Beverages

Before we get into what’s in our drinks, let’s talk about what’s not in them. We never use preservatives, gums, or sugar alcohols. Without going full health-nerd on you here, it might be worth noting what these ingredients actually mean.

Preservatives are chemicals used to extend the life of food and beverages. Gums are additives that are commonly used to modify texture and thicken up a liquid -- most beverages you see on stores shelves contain both. Lastly, sugar alcohols are synthetically made sweeteners used to sweeten products without the calories, but they often cause digestive issues, stomach pain, and bloating. 

So, What Can You Expect Then?

But, just because we don’t use sugar alcohols, doesn’t mean we don’t take your taste buds into account. 

At 4g of sugar and only 20 calories, are drinks are sweetened with completely natural and organic sweeteners: monk fruit and agave. 

Most importantly, we use a blend of electrolytes and the most essential vitamins like B, C, D, and E. You can either stick to our vitamin drinks or have the option to opt for a caffeinated beverage with added CBD

Whichever you prefer, you can have the peace of mind that both beverages are designed for optimal wellness and are infused with the perfect amount of vitamins. Why do we focus on vitamins?

Thanks to our nutritionist, we became increasingly aware of which vitamins most of us are deficient in and the appropriate dosages we need to optimize our health. 

Is it Really Curated by a Nutritionist?

Absolutely. We wouldn’t blame you if you were somewhat skeptical since it’s not uncommon for brands to lack transparency. 

Meet Molly Rieger M.S, the nutritionist who works behind the scenes on creating the most effective vitamin formula for Plant Press. 

As a team, we aim to bring you beverages that will actually benefit your health. No BS. 

It’s not just the healthier option; our ingredients are truly essential for a healthy, functioning body. 

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