Plant Press formulating a better-for-you energy drink

Ariana Farahani was on a path to a PhD in neuroscience when she shifted gears to start a consumer packaged goods company: Plant Press beverages.

Plant Press positions energy drink brand as a clean-label coffee alternative

Plant Press founder Ariana Farahani took to the stage at the BevNET LIVE event this week to share her brand’s vision for a clean energy drink during the New Beverage Showdown, as the brand readies for retail expansion with the help of a $1.2m seed round.

Plant Press raises $1.2m in seed funding

Plant Press has announced that it has completed a seed funding round totalling just over $1.2 million, aiming to support the company’s growth.

Plant Press Delivers a Boost of Energy from Green Coffee Beans

Plant Press makes sparkling, low-calorie beverages that share the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee but without the artificial sugars or resulting jitters

Plant Press Energy Drink Plant Press Closes $1.2M Seed Round

Energy drink startup Plant Press has completed a seed round of just over $1.2 million with investors including former Tory Burch CMO Miki Berardelli and former NBA Players Association head Roger Mason.

Plant Press

Plant Press is a healthy, delicious alternative to coffee and traditional energy drinks.

8 Vegan Energy Drinks to Boost Your Day

If you’re looking for a clean energy drink without added sugars, try Plant Press!

100 Percent Organic Caffeine?

Yep, that’s Plant Press. Each can equals one cup of coffee (i.e. 100mg of caffeine) and is made without preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

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If you're tired of energy drinks that are packed with junk and make you crash in the middle of the day, it's time to try out Plant Press