when you change your energy, you change what’s possible

We believe that changing your energy is the key to changing your life. In a world built on distractions and energy-drainers, we’re empowering you to transform your energy in order to create a life you’re excited to wake up to.

Our Mission

What you put in, is what you put out

When you drink a Plant Press, you’re energized by pure, delicious ingredients designed to help you feel good from the inside-out, so that you can put good energy into the things that truly matter to you, whether you’re working to take your side hustle full-time, pulling an all-nighter on a project, or trying to find balance between the demands of everyday life. Plant Press is here to help you show up as your best self every day with clean, chemical-free, feel-good energy found in every sip.

Our founder

Where we started,

Hey! I’m Ariana, the founder of Plant Press.

Five years ago, I was on a path to pursue my PhD in Neuroscience at Columbia University and spent many long hours in the library constantly drinking coffee. Traditional energy drinks didn't work for me due to their harmful ingredients and poor taste.

By 3pm each day, I faced the same dilemma: the taste of coffee felt jaded and I lacked options for fuel. I needed caffeine in a way that didn't just taste good, but was good for me too. Surprisingly, I couldn't find anything like this at the store, so I sought out to make it myself.

I like to say that in many ways, Plant Press was also built by YOU. As a data driven person, I market tested everything, from flavor profiles to ingredient quantities, constantly refining the product according to your feedback. The result? Plant Press is the cleanest, healthiest, and most delicious pick-me-up on store shelves.

I always love to hear from you, so drop me a note on Instagram.